(Belgian, Brussels 1874-1929 Aarschot)

Ernest Vanden Panhuysen is a painter of nature, wildlife and portraits.

As an orphan, he spends his childhood in Aarschot, where from a very young age he attends drawing lessons. He becomes a student at the Leuven Academy (Constantin Meunier) and during his military service studies at the Academy of Antwerp. Further education is obtained at the NHISKA. In 1901 is granted the Price N. de Keyser. He visits Rome and in 1897 has his debut at the Triennial Salons. As from 1903 he teaches at the Academy of Aalst, settles in Grimbergen in 1906 after his wedding, to move in 1914 to Schaerbeek. He dies in a tragic accident in 1929.

Initially a painter of wildlife, his portraits made in bright and austere regions are remarkable by their resemblance.

The city of Aarschot acquires a large part of his oeuvre and a retrospective is being held at the abbey of Averbode in 1974. More of his work is displayed in the city hall of Aalst.