Maurice BLIECK

(Belgian, Laken 1876-1922 Brussels)

Bridge at the river with steamer

Oil painting on canvas 15.4 x 20.9 in. (39 x 53 cm.)


Provenance: Private Collection, Belgium


The Artist

Maurice Blieck studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels around 1894-1896. After his studies he perfected himself for some time in Paris.

He was a founding member in 1893 of the Brussels artists' Le Sillon, together with people like Jef Lambeaux, Alfred Bastien, Jean Laudy and Maurice Wagemans.

During the First World War he subsequently lived in Paris and in London. During his stay in London he developed his own colour with delicate light effects and colourful, atmospheric dreams.

He would present itself as a painter of portraits, figures, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and harbour views. His style went into the direction of a realistic Luminism with some impressionistic keys. He evolved towards symbolism, along with Jules Merckaert and Paul Mathieu.

He painted portraits of his wife, the painter Frans Smeers and literary Georges Eekhoud. For his landscapes he worked a lot in the vicinity of the Rood klooster outside Brussels and around Genk in the Limburg Kempen. For his harbour scenes with figures of dock workers he moved to Antwerp.


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