Sakai KOZAN 堺幸山

(Japan, Showa era, 1926 – 1989, circa 1955-1965 )


Bronze, 10 and 10.13 in. (25.2 and 25.8 cm) high

Signed 幸山, Kozan



Tsuki Miru Kitsune or foxes looking at the moon.

The Artist

Sakai Kozan was director of the Takaoka Chugei-sha, Takaoka metal ware, Toyama Prefecture. The workshop was originally founded by his ancestor Sakai-ya Riemon during the Keio era (1865-1868) of the late Edo Period. The workshop made cast bronze works, some were commission works on a monumental scale, such as a bronze incense burner at the Zenkoji Temple (Nagano Prefecture) and a bronze Buddha statue (28 meters in height and 80 tonnes in weight) at the Nagahama-Biwako Lake, Shiga Prefecture. The Sakai bronze manufacture is still active today.