Itô KUNIO 伊藤國男, (1890-1970)

(Japan, Taisho era 1912-1926, around 1920)


Bronze 12.99 x 13.78 in. (33 x 35 cm)

Signed 國男 Kunio


The Artist

Itô KUNIO exhibited with the Bunten National Exhibition and Exhibition of the National Art Society among others.  Remembered specifically for his expert depiction of horses in motion.  Rush of a Gun Carriage (horses pulling a gun carriage through the mud) by the artist is held in the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.  His sculpture of the Meiji Emperors Horse (under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Household Agency) stands among 700 cherry trees in Atago park, Noheji, Aomori prefecture. Two large sculptures of a horse, and a horse with its foal are on the grounds of the Hokkaido Agricultural School.  For more see the 1968 book: Uma, Ito Kunio no Chokoku.