Tsuda EIJU 津田永寿, (1915-2001)

(Japan, Showa era, 1926 – 1989, before 1940)


Bronze 7.48 x 5.12 in. (19 x 13 cm)

Signed Eiju 永寿


The Artist

Tsuda EIJU (1915-2001) studied under Tsuda SHINUBU (1875-1946), who adopted him as his heir (Tsuda’s surname before he was adopted by the renowned metal artist was Matsunuma). He was accepted by the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition (Nitten) many times and received a grand prize in 1962.  EIJU created works in the early to late 20 th century, becoming recognized as a leading Japanese artist in the mid 20 th century.  EIJU is known primarily for his bronze vases, but the animal theme is also a popular one with this artist.  He is known to have made an incense burner in the form of a monkey similar to this bronze.